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rookie%20moms%20handbook.jpgThe perfect new mom or baby shower gift, The Rookie Mom’s Handbook is written by Whitney Moss and Heather Flett, publishers of the Rookie Moms website, a favorite amongst internet mom addicts, like us.
The Rookie Mom’s Handbook focuses on 250 activities to do with (or without) your baby, whereas the website also highlights activities for parents and their preschoolers. We haven’t seen a copy of the book yet, but we hope it highlight our favorite activity to do with a newborn… interrupt someone’s workday!

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One Response to “The Rookie Mom’s Handbook”

  1. RookieMom Heather Mar 31 at 10:09 pm Reply Reply

    You’re in luck. The book has our favorite activities from the site (Interrupt someone’s work day is the new #48) and a whole mess of date ideas for when you can’t get a babysitter and ways to stay connected to your friends and your old self in general.
    I’ll send you a book — hopefully you’ll still like it!

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