How to Get Your Husband to Help with the New Baby



By Brian of Looky, Daddy!
1. Encourage him.
Studies have shown that the biggest contributer to having a helpful husband is spousal encouragement. Well, duh.
2. Remember he is not you.
Your husband will do things differently than you. This is not a bad thing.

3. Force the issue.

Leave the house. Repeatedly. Give him time to establish his own routines and feel comfortable with them.
4. Trust him.
Yes, you might have clocked in over 7,000 hours of babysitting by the time you were thirteen years old, and, yes, this might be the first baby your husband has ever held, but he will not break it. If you hover over him, you are likely to get the baby handed back to you.

5. Don’t accept the typical excuses.

If your husband works and asks for some “relaxation time” when he gets home, strap the Baby Bjorn to his chest and ask him what could be more relaxing than a walk around the block.


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One Response to “How to Get Your Husband to Help with the New Baby”

  1. PrincessLovesPink Dec 11 at 7:56 pm Reply Reply

    Good list! I would add 6. Go to sleep — when your hsuband says he’ll watch the baby, immediately run for a nap! Because if you’re hanging around watching him “help” you’ll end up doing stuff and it’s not really a fair share situation. Nap, though, and he’ll be loathe to wake you! just my 2 cents :) xxSabrina

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