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If you haven’t heard yet, get thee a copy of Downton Abbey.  Season One is on DVD.  Or, better yet, upload it on Netflix or watch some of the shows online at

Set one hundred years ago, the series follows the pastoral lives of a fictional British aristocratic family and their hard-working servants who take care of the estate, Downton Abbey, within the walls of which they all live.  I won’t share any spoilers here.  All I will write is that the first episode is a bit confusing, trying to understand the history of the Downton inheritance, which underscores the drama’s major plot line.  I did a bit of rewinding.  But, once understood, I was hooked on the show.

Now, every time the score of the series’ theme music plays, my heart swells and I’m giddy with anticipation for what’s unfolding upstairs and downstairs at Downton.

I just finished Season One, am catching up on Season 2 online and ecstatic to hear that Downton Abbey will be returning for a third season.

(By the way, it’s Downton, NOT DownTOWN.)



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3 Responses to “Must List: Watch Downton Abbey”

  1. Jenn Jan 24 at 7:55 pm Reply Reply

    Season 2 is currently running on PBS, see if it’s available in your area. It’s titled “Masterpiece Classic” on Tivo but then the subtitle is “Downton Abbey”.

  2. Jenn Jan 24 at 7:56 pm Reply Reply

    P.S. It’s on Sundays at 8PM here (MST).

  3. Hollie Jan 25 at 10:11 am Reply Reply

    P.S. IT’S AWESOME! I randomly watched the first episode (S1 E1) on my Kindle because it was offered as a popular show on Amazon Prime’s free streaming service, and OMG SO GOOD. Dramatic and funny AND a period piece? Swoon.

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