My Today Show Appearance about Mom Blogs



This is several days late, but I wanted to out it here for the archives and for those you may have missed it.  (Thank you for all the messages on Twitter and emails.)

I was on the Today Show on last Friday.

I felt really good about how the the segment turned out (other than my on-camera NERVES) with fellow guests Susan Getgood and Jen Singer. I like what my friends at Cool Mom Picks wrote “just ignore the title.”

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3 Responses to “My Today Show Appearance about Mom Blogs”

  1. sls Apr 13 at 4:56 am Reply Reply

    Well done!!

  2. Amalah Apr 13 at 10:13 am Reply Reply

    I’m so glad you guys kept it so positive and pulled the attention away from silly hate sites or drive-by comments. Yes, I’ve been “bullied” and harassed by trolls and had my feeeeeeelings hurt on the Internet, but the love and support and real friendships out here easily drown that stuff out.
    (Plus, you looked so pretty!)
    Isabel: Thank you, Amy! I saw your comment on Twitter right after my segment and it made me feel awesome after a nerve-wracking time. Won’t forget it.

  3. Mom101 May 05 at 9:27 pm Reply Reply

    You make us all look good.
    Isabel Fan Club!

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