Investor Meetings Begin



Me and Geoff Vuleta, CEO of innovation consultant Fahrenheit 212, Alpha Mom’s strategic partner
So, we have our financial projections, presentation materials, prototypes ready and walk in for our first meeting.
Our host comes out to greet us, but is rushed and immediately starts out by apologizing that he has some pressing business that needs attending. He only has 20 minutes to meet with us. How do you respond?
A) “Let’s reschedule as we think we will need more time to take you through our business.”
B) “Of course we can explain it in 20 minutes. It’s not like you’re asking for an elevator pitch.”
What do you think we did?

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7 Responses to “Investor Meetings Begin”

  1. jenB Apr 04 at 1:16 am Reply Reply

    I bet you wowed him in the elevator in less than 20 minutes because you are an internet entrepreneurial rockstar. woooo!

  2. Mir Kamin
    Mir Apr 04 at 7:08 am Reply Reply

    I think you got down to business and had him hooked in 10 minutes. (Me, I would’ve panicked and stammered and completely botched it, but I’m sure you leapt right in….)

  3. Angella Apr 04 at 7:35 am Reply Reply

    I second jenB, because you are all sorts of awesome.

  4. Mom101 Apr 04 at 7:38 am Reply Reply

    Ooh, tough one. I’d probably throw it back at him: Great, we can jump right in…though if you’ve got an emergency we’re happy to reschedule for a more convenient time.
    But knowing you, you put on a big smile, reassessed, took a deep breath, then rocked that 20 minutes and left him asking for more.

  5. Alice Bradley
    alice Apr 04 at 8:50 am Reply Reply

    I just know what I would have done in that situation: throw up on his shoes. But somehow I think you would have handled the situation with a bit more aplomb. Go, Isabel, go!

  6. Heather B. Apr 07 at 1:39 pm Reply Reply

    B! Because you’re you and you can do those things. Also because 20 minutes really is enough time. You just have to know how to work it and I am confident that you do.

  7. LBee Apr 10 at 2:43 am Reply Reply

    Isabel, thanks so much for the update on Alphamom! I’m guessing you went with the 20-minute presentation and nailed it! Can’t wait to hear what happens.

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