True Cleaning Confessions: what’s your dirty little secret?



nyc%20method%20store%20pop_up%201.jpgDid you get all OCD after your firstborn? I read that post-pregnancy, new moms get all germaphobic and that it’s not their fault. Apparently, it’s part of the typical hormonal changes that many women get, along with varying degrees of postpartum depression (PPD). Luckily both are highly treatable.
In my circle, we talk a lot about maternal depression as an issue, but not nearly enough about anxiety and OCD. Perhaps some health care professionals classify these as symptoms of depression? All I know is that I have had it all, anxiety, PPD and OCD as a new mom, as well as OCD on its own when I was a tween. I think when we see a germaphobe new mom, we poke fun rather than give her the supportive smile that she really needs.
So, when I stopped by Method Home’s NYC pop-up store (it’s temporary, sniff), I couldn’t resist jumping into their Cleaning Confessional Booth and sharing my dirty little secret: when I had my newborn, I couldn’t stop washing my hands! Oh dear, the amount of soap, paper towels, water and time I wasted. But, I guess, I just couldn’t help myself. I feel much better now that my secret is out in the open.
If you need to get a dirty little secret off your chest, I suggest you stop by the Method Home store which is traveling around the country. It’s in NYC’s Soho neighborhood through June 7th, and then it’s going to Minneapolis, MN and then Charlotte, NC.
method%20nyc%20store%202.jpgWhile you’re there you can pick up most of their products and they have some cool kits that they’ve put together– all at terrific prices– and packaged in a hip reusable green market tote. They also have a “Toxic Turn-In” program where they will dispose safely of your caustic household cleaners and products and in return, you get a 10% discount at the store.
But, if you’re already green at home and just want to go in and shop, shop, shop use the code ALPHAMETHOD and get 10% off your purchases at the NYC Method Home Store.

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7 Responses to “True Cleaning Confessions: what’s your dirty little secret?”

  1. Lisa May 20 at 3:37 pm Reply Reply

    I’m going green with envy. I can’t wait for Method to come to my neighborhood.

  2. Tina May 20 at 3:45 pm Reply Reply

    Thanks for the heads up! I love Method. They make it easy being green!

  3. jenB May 27 at 11:07 pm Reply Reply

    I still obsessively wash my hands, but after 4 years (since having the kid) I constantly forget to wash hers!
    I also LOVE the method.

  4. Nathan Aaron Jun 13 at 4:35 pm Reply Reply

    Hey! I’ve added this post over on my site, method lust (! I hope you don’t mind! You’ve gotten me ALL excited about them coming to North Carolina! Thanks!

  5. Sugar Jul 14 at 6:31 pm Reply Reply

    Okay… I know I’m late to comment on this post, but the whole PPD freakiness never gets old.
    I had this horrible fear of crossing over a bridge that was on my walk before I had my baby girl. I could picture a man in a black jacket running across the street, gnarling his teeth, grabbing me by my sweatshirt and throwing me over the bridge into the rushing water that gets sucked into a power plant. I won’t even tell you about my irrational fears about elves! That was some serious PPD… so glad it’s all over. Except for the voices, of course…

  6. Mrs. Flinger Jul 29 at 1:21 pm Reply Reply

    We had a Method party here as well. LOVED it. It was with the Seattle Mom Blogs ladies and, naturally, I spilled something. But that Method stuff works wonders!
    You’re adorable and I’m SO GLAD I got to meet, er, lick you. Even if I look like I’m a cross of torture and porn. XO

  7. Elizabeth Aug 05 at 12:16 pm Reply Reply

    I wish we had a Method store here! I have a True Cleaning Confession for ya-with my firstborn, every Saturday, I would put him in his bassinet/bouncy seat/Exersaucer and DISINFECT his room. I’m talking wiping down the crib and changing table with Mr. Clean, sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping off the light switch and doorknob.
    Now my kids are lucky if their rooms get cleaned once a month.

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