Peepshow Shot Glasses



Available online here at Perpetual Kid. 4 for $19.99


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4 Responses to “Peepshow Shot Glasses”

  1. koehmstedt Nov 06 at 12:37 pm Reply Reply

    Hmm, a bit risque for the kids, but I might have to get some for the adult party people I know.

  2. All Adither Nov 06 at 1:54 pm Reply Reply

    I’d rather have maple sugar candy in mine please.

  3. Liana Nov 07 at 8:01 am Reply Reply

    Ah, these crack me up! Especially the dude on the far right with that band major hat (with the red feather). SO funny!

  4. foolery Nov 10 at 1:34 pm Reply Reply

    Santa must be schizophrenic. In my world he says HO HO HO but he doesn’t mean it like THAT. 😉

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