Ikea’s Ektorp Sofa



Available online here at Ikea. $499


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3 Responses to “Ikea’s Ektorp Sofa”

  1. foolery Oct 23 at 12:42 pm Reply Reply

    Lessee . . . candle fragrances, nail polish colors, shoe names — all named in order to maximize your dorkage should you ever have to utter any of them.
    Love the sofa. Who’s Ektorp?

  2. Amy Oct 23 at 11:05 pm Reply Reply

    I sat in an Ektorp at the Ikea store and loved it SOOOO much! It was so comfy and cozy. Then I finally talked my husband into buying one, and we brought it home and it was as hard as a rock.
    I didn’t account for the thousands and thousands of butts that sit on that couch at Ikea every day. Whoops. I want to take the cushions out front and run them over with the minivan, but I figure the kids will soften it up in no time.
    Amy @ prettybabies

  3. ~Monkeyinlove Nov 05 at 2:55 pm Reply Reply

    Seriously…these blow chunks..we have one that was a floor model ($300 Canadian) and now it’s so compressed and uncomfortable adn the feathers poke through the cover and it’s not very deep so in a house full of slightly taller than average people. SUCKS. However, ti was on sale, and is hte only couch we could fit down our basement steps.
    I think it’s best to think of Ikea furniture like H&M clothes…slightly disposable and not long term investments.

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