“All My Love For You”



Available online here at $36.


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Bossy has been blogging since 1966. She struggled with the technology for the first few decades, but that resolved when they invented the Internet. Her humor blog, i am bossy, is currently sweeping the continent. When it's finished, it will dust the lampshades.

Bossy writes Drive-thru Bossy for Alpha Mom. It's a virtual window featuring stuff from the latest advertisement circulars. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Bossy serves-up various items and products currently available in the marketplace. Some items are a Must-have. Some are a Must-have-been-joking. But always Bossy is bringing the extra back to ordinary.

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2 Responses to ““All My Love For You””

  1. If you switch the layout of the pillows on the bed, it looks like girl riding bike crashes into boy picking up heart and neither one would be smiling anymore.

  2. foolery Feb 05 at 12:12 pm Reply Reply

    Very cute. But subject to change by the inevitable drool marks.

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