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When I worked on a Wall Street trading floor for a decade I was blessed with the constant hum of traders shouting or CNBC, usually both simultaneously. Now it’s a real privilege that I can and do play music nonstop in the office. This is a new thing and a very good thing.
My husband, Craig, was pretty embarrassed by my seeming disinterest in music given that’s his business. I knew it was really bad back in early 06 when I did not recognize any of the Best New Artist Grammy nominees. John Legend, FallOut Boy, Ciara… who are these people? Shame on me. Luckily I have the excuse that 2005 was a tough year.
Over the past few months, my right-hand, Catherine, has been turning me on to all these great new bands. I guess it started out by her asking if she could play some music in the office and I was all like, yeah, I like music. You should hear me. This new band The Fray is really good. Cat just shakes her head taking pity on me.
Problem now is that I like some bands too much and there are some songs that are on continuous replay. Here’s my latest obsession.
Hospital Beds

Hang Me Up To Dry

Disclosure: they are on a good friend’s record label, though it was Andrew Luftman who turned us on to the band originally.

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  1. Esther Jun 29 at 5:16 pm Reply Reply

    The Fray?! Isabel, that’s so last year, but I guess Catherine already told you that! Just teasing, I actually need to catch up on my music, too. I think I’ve been listening to too many Brits lately! Hope all is well!

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