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Casino%20Royale.jpg I kind of remember lots of reviews of Casino Royale being awesome. Since I’ve never been a fan of the 007 series I wasn’t too eager about my husband’s recommendations to pop in the DVD. Kept avoiding it and choosing others in the queue, including ones that I had seen before.
Given that 24 and Lost are on hiatus, Royale’s opening scene alone will keep my adrenaline-lurk craving at bay for at least a week. I’m still dreaming of the sweet leaping and bounding from building to building.
And, Daniel Craig as James Bond. Whoa! I haven’t crushed this hard since Jack Bauer during the first season of 24.

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5 Responses to “Casino Royale Crush”

  1. Angel Jul 11 at 1:28 am Reply Reply

    I saw this last week! A Blonde Bond does it for me just fine ::drool:: 😉

  2. Belinda Jul 11 at 9:30 pm Reply Reply

    You ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie, sister. This from another non-Bond-fan…until now, anyway.

  3. jenB Jul 12 at 2:20 am Reply Reply

    I have seen it twice and I can barely look at that movie poster without getting that little shiver. I also cannot recall having such a celebrity crush in a very long time!

  4. jenB Jul 12 at 11:39 pm Reply Reply

    OH! And rent “Layer Cake”, with Daniel Craig. Barely pre-Bond, but full-on hot.

  5. Isabel Kallman
    Isabel Kallman Jul 13 at 12:47 pm Reply Reply

    I’ve seen Layer Cake and it was great.
    I guess, I don’t have a crush on Daniel Craig. I’m crushing on Daniel Crag as James Bond. Just like Keifer Sutherland? Eh. But, Kiefer as Jack Bauer in Season One of 24. Whoa!

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