Because Nothing Surprises Me Anymore



Should I dye my betty?

Sure! I guess. If you want. Curtains and drapes, and such.
Knock yourself…out…with that.
(Although you know what? After a solid week of Non-Stop Britney Spears Crotch Shots, I just can’t snark too hard on something that finally acknowledges that LADIES! IT’S TOTALLY OKAY TO HAVE HAIR DOWN THERE! Eesh.)

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6 Responses to “Because Nothing Surprises Me Anymore”

  1. Stephanie Dec 04 at 4:03 pm Reply Reply

    I had a friend in college who used to dye her, um, betty different crazy colors all the time, just to “make things interesting.” I can’t actually verify this because I didn’t see it myself (obviously), but I have no idea why she would make that up.

  2. queenann Dec 04 at 4:53 pm Reply Reply

    I like what Amy Poehler said on 12/1’s SNL and think she spoke for a lot of us. I almost peed my pants!
    “I’d just like to take a moment to address this latest trend – flashing your business while coming in and/or leaving a limousine…Ladies, you need to cool it. Nobody wants to see your baby factory. …The point is, you guys are making Tara Reid look like Audrey Hepburn. What’s next? Shots of stars pooping out a window?”
    “And lastly, ladies, what’s up with the deforestation going on down there? You need hair down there. It’s a backup system for underwear. So even when you’re showing it, you’re not really showing it. There was a time when a lady garden was as big as a slice of New York pizza. Then it turned into a John Waters moustache. Now, every girl is as smooth as Joey Lawrence’s head. Global warming? You decide. But remember, I always believe a woman’s nethers should be shrouded in mystery.”

  3. Elizabeth Dec 04 at 7:37 pm Reply Reply

    Yes! THANK YOU. I realize everyone has the right to choose what to do to their own body and yadayadayada, but I find it disturbing that women are removing all of their pubic hair. What does that say about men, that they are turned on by their adult partner having the genitals of a ten year old? Grown women are SUPPOSED to have hair! Just my opinion, mind you.

  4. kalisah Dec 04 at 7:57 pm Reply Reply

    don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. I got a Brazilian wax a couple years ago as a surprise for my husband’s birthday. And you get spoiled to how clean & soft & smooth it is.

  5. Muirnait Dec 05 at 3:52 am Reply Reply

    Well, now I am glad someone is actually talking about this heh. I can’t talk with any of my “real life” friends about this…so I’m glad other people think it’s okay to keep things, well, neat and tidy, but not freakin bald. Ahem.

  6. mdvelazquez Dec 05 at 4:18 pm Reply Reply

    HAHAHAHA Hot Pink Betty! Fun times.

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