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Last year my family did an outside photo shoot for some portraits and afterward I regretted not having brought some real colorful balloons for my son to hold.

hotspot_eyecandy_kite.jpgThen today of course as I was perusing our family photographer, Blue Lily’s site I learned about these gorgeous photo overlays that accomplish just that. Not in an oops I forgot, so-let’s-just-make-believe-and-photoshop-it-in-way, but in a cooler arty manner.

In fact, the artist Volume 25 has a series of photoshop overlays, called Eye Candy, that anyone can buy and easily install (she has easy to use instructions too) that can add a level of texture and magic to your photos. For $30 you get nine vectors that you can play around with and even color. Love this.

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One Response to “Beautify Your Photos with Eye Candy Photo Overlays”

  1. Jenn Chamberlain Mar 07 at 12:31 pm Reply Reply

    Thanks for sharing. The “eye candy” take your pictures from really good to WOW!.

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