Retro inspired baby and children’s gear.



Retro inspired baby and children’s gear brought to you by the moms behind Cool Mom Picks.

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One Response to “Retro inspired baby and children’s gear.”

  1. jessica Feb 28 at 2:20 am Reply Reply

    OMG, I feel like I’m reading my own pregnancy blog. My first I was SOOOOO sick… I was a mess at work (in the ER) let me tell you the smells there,…no words. I was taking zofran to make it through the day and many hours sitting on the bathroom floor when I was at home.

    This time around my nausea is baffling. I get up and throw a bagel in my belly as soon as possible with my prenatal vitamin and some (half-calf coffee) another item that I couldn’t even tolerate the smell of the 1st time around, sit for about 10 min and DONE! I’m eating normal, and if I do catch myself with an empty tummy a couple triscuits calm the queasy. My 1st us is in 3 days, so fingers crossed all is well!

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