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langley%20schools%20music%20project.jpgBefore the age of Kidz Bop, there was the The Langley Schools Music Project. Luckily for us, these 1976-77 recordings of a 60-kid chorus were discovered, dusted off and released to the general public.
The voices are raw and powerful and, yes, it does sound like a bunch of kids singing in a gymnasium, but they’re singing their hearts out and quite honestly there is something I cannot quite pinpoint about their haunting voices that just moves me and never fails to bring a tear or two to my eye. I received it as a baby gift when my now 5-year old son was born and it is still one of the most treasured gifts we received.
The recordings were remastered and cleaned for improved fidelity. They are also now widely available on CD and on digitally on iTunes.
Listen to some of my favorite clips (via iTunes):
Sweet Caroline
Saturday Night
To Know Him is to Love Him
Good Vibrations
– Isabel

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