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coupon_sherpa_2.pngWe’re still coming to grips with the commercialization of Earth Day, so there are no product giveaways that need to be shipped to you.

But! We did want to bring the Coupon Sherpa to your attention because it’s all about digitization of coupons and we like that A LOT.

Every year more than 280 billion coupons are printed. The waste created by paper coupons is substantial. According to a report by the nonprofit group ForestEthics, “mail advertisements create 51.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases each year.” That number is equivalent to the emissions produced by heating about 13 million houses or mowing more than 20 billion lawns.

Coupon Sherpa
offers an alternative that is friendly to the environment and convenient for consumers.

coupon_sherpa_1.png coupon_sherpa_4.png

Coupon Sherpa
is easy to use. When you open the iPhone app, you see all of the stores that offer coupons. Select the desired store, and the available coupons appear. Once you select the appropriate coupon, present it to the cashier, who can type in the bar code or scan it with an optical scanner.

In honor of Earth Day, the application is FREE for download (through the company’s website) until Friday, April 24, so move fast
. After that, you can download the app for $1.99, which is still an awesome price. We predict you will quickly make your money back from the in-store coupons and exclusive deals for Coupon Sherpa users. Now sit back and enjoy the show.

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