CheeseburgHer Party People… say what?



My last post, which seems so long ago now, was all about the pleasure of meeting online friends and acquaintances finally face-to-face. And, coincidentally, the theme of the BlogHer conference this year was In Real Life. For those of you who have never heard of BlogHer, it is the annual conference for blogging women. Though, now it has grown to embrace social media as well. So, yeah, in the female online world, the BlogHer conference is pretty much as big as it gets.
Last year, I wrote about how we at Alpha Mom co-hosted a popular unofficial party, The CheeseburgHer Party. And this year, McDonald’s and Dr. Pepper embraced the CheeseburgHer Party vision and sponsored the whole thing. Thank you to my lovely co-hostesses, Lena, Lindsay and Yvonne. None of this great time could have been had with out you.
Without further ado, The CheeseburgHer Party Music Video. Enjoy!


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One Response to “CheeseburgHer Party People… say what?”

  1. CaseyDeuce Aug 03 at 12:14 am Reply Reply

    I absolutely love this video!! I’m so sad we only made it to the CheeseburgHer party about 10 minutes before security busted it up….

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