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NEW YORK– With three maternity wear labels, three freestanding stores, and two children, Liz Lange was a natural pick to host programs on Alpha Mom, a 24/7 network aimed at time starved parents that bows in April.
Lange was holed up Thursday in a Chelsea studio, shooting a series about style and another about mommy moguls for the video-on-demand parenting channel. For the first subject, she doled out style tips to expectant mothers, including how to dress after the baby is born and before the mother’s body is back in shape.
In addition to critiquing some of the clothes worm by the moms-to-be, the designer used some of her own clothing to illustrate what they need. But aid she didn’t go overboard. "I brought a pair of my black pants and said, ‘Black pants are something you should look for, and this is how they should fit.’ But it wasn’t a Liz Lange infomercial. It was more of a general expert."
The second topic featured a few women whose businesses were inspired by the birth of a child. Having made "hundreds" of on-air appearances since her business launched seven years ago, Lange said she is happy to share her timesaving ideas. She said she receives "a ridiculous amount" of e-mails from working mothers and is routinely stopped in her stores for advice. Monday morning at nursery school drop-off, another working mother invited Lange for coffee on the spot to quiz her. Considering Alpha Mom aims to read 8.5 million homes initially her audience is about to open up.


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