Sliding down the slippery slope


Normally I enjoy nothing more than a good, rousing bout of judging. I put on my oversized judgment cap– it’s fur-lined!– and I recline in my judging chair, which has this swivelly headrest so I can shake my head in disgust for hours without suffering from neck strain, and– wait, where was I? Judging! Right! […]


Fare thee well, 2006.


Well, it’s been another year. Didn’t it feel year-ish? As if we’ve come full circle? Call me crazy, but right now it feels like something old is ending, and something new is just about to begin. We all know what the end of the year means: it means that pundits everywhere are holding forth on […]


Puppies and Santa and groping, oh my!


Well, hello! This week, yet another four-year-old boy hit on his teacher. When will those filthy-minded preschoolers learn to keep their grubby hands to themselves? The boy reportedly “rubbed his face” in the aide’s chest area. He was summarily suspended, and his parents were informed that his record would forever show that he sexually harassed […]


So close.


As in every week, a lot has been going on. But my mind keeps going back to James Kim. As I’m sure you know, Kim, his wife, and two children were missing for days and days in the Oregon wilderness. On Monday his wife and children were found, safe and healthy. On Wednesday James Kim’s […]


What to suspect when you’re expecting


The New York Times broke the news this week: despite all the warnings against it, pregnant women have been known to sometimes enjoy a glass of beer or wine. Anyone who lives in the world knows this, although some people believe it’s their job to give the stink-eye to any woman with a bump who […]




Happy post-Thanksgiving weekend! There will be no new post today, because Thanksgiving sucked my brain dry. My relatives were clamoring for foodstuffs with which to fill their mouth-holes, and I was the one assigned to do the cooking. I will be return to you next week, when I will be riled up over something other […]

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