Because Every Woman Deserves to Look Like Audrey Hepburn

Because Every Woman Deserves to Look Like Audrey Hepburn


DISCLAIMER: This week’s column was written while your intrepid bossy-type advice person was at the beach, where she (like always) wore no makeup, spent days in the same tank top and didn’t deep condition. Because she likes to believe that she magically transforms into a tanned natural beauty with wild sun-kissed hair at the beach, […]


Because It’s Funny To Imagine Marlon Brando Screaming “Skincare! SKIIIINCARE!


Dearest Amalah, So the 13 months of sleep deprivation (that came with the baby) and spotty effort at face care (who has the time to shower, much less wash your face twice a day) has finally started taking its toll on my face. I broke down and visited our friendly Nordtrom cosmetic counter and purchased […]


Because I Seriously Doubt Many Bunny Rabbits Have Under-Eye Dryness Problems


Amalah- I’m not much of a make-up type person. I’ve pretty much struggled with bad acne most of my life (like since age 9) but that’s for another blog. Anyway, I’ve finally found a moisturizer I like and things are going grand. Except is still seems like I’m getting a lot of dryness right around […]


Because Babies & Purses Are Pretty Much the Only Things I Know Stuff About


Hi Amy, I had a baby about four months ago. Now I’m stuck in the “I can’t wear my old clothes except for a few stretchy sweat pants and one pair of cords and one pair of my pre-five-month maternity pants that I won’t give up” place. What can you do? I don’t want to […]

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