Where Will My Baby Sleep?


Welcome to Baby Sleep Week at the Advice Smackdown! It’s like Shark Week, only with less teeth and more drooling.


Cyberbullying & What to You Need to Understand


We have written about the bullying epidemic and how technology has made this age-old issue more intense and pervasive. What I have recently learned is that kids who would have typically have not participated in an in-person bullying incident often become active participants in cyberbullying. And, it makes complete sense. Just think about how common […]

Carseat Tetris: What Seat Fits In What Car

Carseat Tetris: What Seat Fits In What Car


Tell me the make and model of both your carseat and car, and a definitive-ish yes/no/ehhhh on how well it fits. Bonus points for any tales of car seats that absolutely did NOT fit into a certain car. Double bonus points for car seat recommendations for small cars or fitting multiple seats and children into a single row.


When is it okay to leave your child alone at home?


If we have learned anything from the film classic “Home Alone,” it is that leaving a child by himself (accidentally or on purpose) for any period of time can result in all manner of shenanigans. Also, Joe Pesci will show up. However, at some point, the parent must make the leap and let her child […]


Are our children overprotected?


As we walk to the playground, Henry yells to his friend, “Let’s race!” And they do. Down sidewalks that are bulging and splitting from the tree roots underneath, two semi-coordinated boys flail their legs downhill, shouting with glee. Behind them, I cringe, and wonder who’s going to scrape his knee this time. But I keep […]

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