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The End of the Affair: Do I Tell My Boss Her Boyfriend Is Cheating?


Hi Amy, I’ve found myself in a strange situation and I have no idea what to do. First, some background: I have a (summer) job. As a result, I have a boss. Let’s call her Emily. Emily was once married, but got divorced when she discovered that her husband was sleeping with her best friend. […]


Smackdown Updates IV: Botox, Wonky Periods & Depression


Not just your average cut-and-paste update-y job here, folks, if you’ll indulge me by reading on. One extra-fascinating update, one request for advice as one girl’s quest to maybe possibly get knocked up enters Chapter Two, and one email that proves that you guys are the best and that good things CAN happen when advice […]

Not About My Hair: Healing after assault & betrayal

Not About My Hair: Healing after assault & betrayal


I had sent you an email thanking you for your blog. You got me through a rough period. Unfortunately, my rough period got worse. I don’t know where to start looking for help but I have seen you post stuff on your advice smackdown and maybe some readers would be able to give advice and […]


Pores for the People: Blackhead-Fighting Products for Men & Women


Hi, Amy. My husband has HUGE pores on his nose, and they’re always looking gunked up. I’m trying to convince him that his addiction to those Biore strips is not the answer! I read the post in your archives about “pothole pores” and was wondering if you would recommend the same products to clean up […]


That’s Mrs. Advice Smackdown to You, Bud


Dear Amy, My question is non-beauty related, but I think you’re completely qualified to answer it. I follow all of your blogs (yes, even ClubMom, and I’m not a Mom, but am completely smitten by Noah). As my friends are getting married, and “the one” has most certainly entered my life, I have begun to […]


Child of Mine: When Your Parents Disagree With Your Parenting


Hi Amy, I know this isn’t the usual kind of question you answer on the advice smackdown, but I thought you & the other parents might have some helpful words of advice for me. My husband & I are just starting to think about trying for our first baby. As someone who spent the greater […]

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