Pregnancy Diet: What types of protein dishes and how much should I consume?


Featured parenting professional: Diane Henderiks, RD of Dietitian in the Kitchen


Skipping the Baby Registry: Yay or Nay?


Dear Amalah, I know this isn’t beauty advice I’m seeking but you always have the smart answers so I’ll try… My husband and I just got married 3 months ago and in fact got pregnant on our honeymoon. Some friends and relatives are pressuring me to register for baby gifts. The problem is we are […]

Trying to Conceive: When to Freak Out When You’re Not Expecting

Trying to Conceive: When to Freak Out When You’re Not Expecting


Thank you for all the trick-or-treating advice on Wednesday. We waited until we spotted some other trick-or-treaters, then left our bowl of candy on the stoop like several of you suggested while we both accompanied Noah, which was super-fun. Noah caught on verrrry quickly (although he kept trying to go INSIDE people’s houses) and while […]


The Everything Maternity Wear List


Hi Amalah, I have been a loyal reader for I don’t know how long now, and seriously, you have helped me out of many a fashion and styling dilemma (who knew, for example, that I could save myself from looking like I’d just left the gym simply by backcombing the top bit of my ponytail? […]

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