Low Supply & High Guilt: How to Deal With Your Milk Drying Up

Low Supply & High Guilt: How to Deal With Your Milk Drying Up


Dear cutest pregnant lady evah, I’ve been reading Amalah for years – pre-Noah. I remember you posting one day that you had quit breastfeeding, including pictures of all the pump parts / accessories that you were throwing away. At the time, this was meaningless to me because I had no children. Fast forward to me […]


Returning to Work: How to Survive & How to Cut Yourself Some Slack Already


Dear Amy, Five months ago I had the most delicious little girl in the whole world. Perfectly chubby thighs? Check. Sleeps through the night? Check. Always smiling and/or laughing? Double check. In short, I’m half-way convinced that the hospital made a horrendous mistake by giving me someone else’s happy-go-lucky girl, and by giving my screaming, […]


What to Wear: Special Occasions, Postpartum Style


First baby countdown: 3 weeks or less {if the pre-e gets me}. Boss’s wedding: 7 weeks Um – dress help please. I’m tall, generally thin, my legs on the best days are shapeless meat sticks. I’ve gained 35lb but most people think it is less than that. I think that I’ll be breastfeeding, the babe […]


The Perfect Postpartum Wardobe


Hey Amalah/Amy; I’m a new reader, but enjoying your sass/honesty/poop jokes tremendously. Here’s my question: I’m 32 wks pregnant with my first baby (stretch marks already, what’s up with that? but not my question). But I am looking for what cute but comfy clothes to wear in the hospital and the first few days at […]


When The Worst Happens: Dealing with Pregnancy Loss


Hi Amy, I know that you have not experienced this particular pregnancy horror, but you give excellent advice and also maybe some of your readers out there have been through this. Up until last week I was pregnant with twins. 19 weeks pregnant! Supposedly past the point where the bad stuff can happen! And yet, […]

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