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Hey, fat-obsessed America!


Last week I dared to take the I-will-take-no-stance stance, as I composed a please-let-me-offend-no-one, after-all-both-sides-have-a-point post. I’ve since recovered from my bout with objectivity, and I’m ready to judge someone, anyone. Like fat kids! Those underage slobs. I… I can’t. I can’t even joke, when it comes to the children. Why did God make me […]


Puppies and Santa and groping, oh my!


Well, hello! This week, yet another four-year-old boy hit on his teacher. When will those filthy-minded preschoolers learn to keep their grubby hands to themselves? The boy reportedly “rubbed his face” in the aide’s chest area. He was summarily suspended, and his parents were informed that his record would forever show that he sexually harassed […]

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