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My Pink Heaven


Ladies, I have the perfect gift for the young, unformed girl in your life: Hasbro’s Rose Petal Cottage. The Rose Petal Cottage is advertised as part of the “Dream Town collection,” although there’s no other part of this “town” for sale. There are no other homes, no post office or fire station—just a yawning abyss […]


An assortment of news items, semi-coherently presented.


Hello, and welcome to Alice’s Medikal Korner. Where words are misspelled for no reason whatsoever—all in the name of science. Here’s some green tea for you. I don’t care if you don’t like it. It’s good for you. Choke it down. I’m watching. First! Let’s all be happy that we’re not European. A new study […]


Want to see Alice’s weekly to-do list? Yes, you do.


Take up whittling. Now that millions and millions more toys have been recalled, I think it’s safe to say that all of our toys are made of poison. The only thing left to do is chop the maple out back and get to whittlin’. Henry sure is going to love his new solid-wood Darth Vader! […]


I am returned!


Howdy ho, Wonderland readers! How I’ve missed you, these past two weeks. While Jenn was bravely churning out excellent commentary, I was busy writing something that has absolutely no relation to actual events at all. It’s the anti-Wonderland, if you will. And that’s all I’m saying about THAT. Isn’t Jenn something? Let’s give her a […]


Welcome aboard HMS Princess Euphoria


For the next two weeks, Wonderland by Alice Bradley will hereby be known as Blunderland by Jenn Mattern. I’m not a pundit, but I borrowed a winged maxi pad from Alice once, which led to this temporary gig while Alice is on brief hiatus. Most of the time I can be found weeping copious word […]


On various subjects that don’t readily suggest a title.


First of all, I am proud of you all, my faithful Wonderland readers, for keeping last week’s comments on-topic, smart, and (relatively) light on the personal attacks. I didn’t have to delete a single comment, not one, and so far no one’s issued a fatwa against me! I’m the luckiest blogger there is. When I […]

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