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Because Anna Wintour Would Probably Sue


Hi Amy, I recently moved to a smallish new city, and after three months, I finally put off the inevitable and went to get a haircut. I randomly chose a salon that looked established and I told the stylist that I wanted a jawline bob, like Anna Wintour, but without the bangs. She said she […]


Because Who Doesn’t Love Free Stuff?


Hi Amy: Someone recently posted a link to our website Three Chickadees in reply to one of your posts on I must admit I hadn’t heard of the site before, but when I saw all of the hits Three Chickadees was getting from your site, I decided to check it out. I am so […]


Because…Blow Out!


Amy, I just recently had a spa day with friends to celebrate a milestone in the world of hair. Yes, you got it, I had a foot of hair cut off and am donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which gives wigs to women who have lost their hair due to cancer. This was cause […]


Because I Am Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille


Don’t forget, we’re spreading out the questiony goodness this week, so each question will be its very! own! entry! Yesterday’s question can be found here, while tomorrow’s question only exists IN THE FUTURE, like, whoa, man. WHOA. Dear Amalah, First of all, the baby of yours is divine. Second, I have a problem. Either my […]

Because I’m Not the Only Person Here Who Knows a Thing or Four

Because I’m Not the Only Person Here Who Knows a Thing or Four


Before we get to this week�s questions, I have a small public service announcement: There�s a rumor flying around via email and message boards that Bloomingdale�s is getting ready to launch their own line of cosmetics, and is temporarily offering the entire line at for $1 apiece. Different versions of the “promo” may also […]


Because I Earned My Degree From Google University


Today, I want to take you on an extra-special journey through the Mind of Amy, as I demonstrate my typical thought process as I read through a typical question. (Bold text is our intrepid question-asker-person, while everything in italics and parentheses is mine, as you know how much I love me some parentheses.) (Love!) Dearest, […]

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