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Wednesday Furniture Smackdown!


Well, hi, I’m not sure if this fits in the “Advice Smackdown” theme of things, but I have a question, and I definitely KNOW that you have the answer. Just how durable is the Ikea furniture? Obviously you’ve tested it through moving, a child, a husband, pets, and various other misadventures, so you know the […]


Because I Have Never Messed With Texas


Hi Amy! Welcome to my hell. Hell consists of…. a. Spending your hard-earned Christmas vacay with your boyfriend’s never-before-met-family. b. Being told that his best friend (Sara) is the “Gold Standard” of women that his mother measures all others against. That’s, no lie, a direct quote. c. Having dinner with his ex-girlfriend and his best […]




So it appears that I am taking the week off. Because of…Thanksgiving. Yes. That’s it. I have…giblets and such to deal with. And don’t even get me started on my napkin-folding issues. Ha. No, actually I’m selling my house and looking for a new one, and the whole process has turned out to be rather […]


Because EW


Dearest Amalah, < grabs Amalah by the shoulders and starts vigorously shaking her while screaming "YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!" > < regains composure, apologizes profusely, explains that while mental instability runs in the family...I am not crazy, offers to pay to replace Amalah's highly-fashionable shirt, and then gets to the point > I hate […]


Because I Have Already Solved the World’s Foundation Problems


Hi Amy, I’m a 21 year old woman in college in Washington D.C. I’m currently dating a 23-year-old man who is working at a media company in the D.C. area. This is the first relationship for both of us. We’ve been together for 15 months and on paper we’re the perfect couple. He treats me […]

Because Nobody Else Wants to Discuss Your Hair As Much As I Do

Because Nobody Else Wants to Discuss Your Hair As Much As I Do


BUT FIRST: I’ve gotten quite a few requests for clarification about the Not Curly But Sort-Of Bendy hairstyle I described two weeks ago. For some reason, the brilliant bit of prose: "don’t open the “flappy”thing" confused a couple people. I mean, really. Anyway, funny story! I’d actually taken pictures of the technique with the idea […]

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