Product Launch: Pediped now comes in Wash & Wear



pedipedI know! Machine washable footwear!?!?! Awesome, right? AND, just in time for prime playground season.

For a long time we have been big fans of Pediped footwear for the baby, toddler and young child and have sung its praises before. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Pediped has made a name for itself through its really attractive soft-soled and flexible shoes for new walkers in that late-baby-to-early-toddler period.

So, it’s no surprise that Pediped is now introducing more innovative features. In particular, I’m excited about the machine washability of some of its spring/ summer styles. They’ve selected their athletic and sandal styles for the 2- to 5-year old set to also feature DRYZ® Technology insoles which is an effective moisture management and odor control material that regulates temperature. Just remove the DRYZ® insoles and throw the shoes in the wash.

Currently only select Pediped styles are machine washable. So focus your eyes on the Amy, Adrian (girls and boys), Joelle and Joel styles if you’re looking for wash and wear.

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2 Responses to “Product Launch: Pediped now comes in Wash & Wear”

  1. Philip @ RAOP May 28 at 2:42 pm Reply Reply

    These look like a fabulous idea and very convenient. I am not sure that I could bring myself to spend $50 on a pair of shoes for my 2 year-old though. I have a hard time spending that for me a pair. Regardless, this looks great and look forward to it coming to a cheaper product….. Hopefully!

  2. Snowth May 30 at 10:14 am Reply Reply

    I wanted to like these, but sadly, they were too narrow for my 14 mo old’s chunky feet.

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