Peanuts’ ‘Great Pumpkin’ Sneakers are Perfect for the Autumn



Is Autumn your favorite season? Is ‘The Great Pumpkin’ your favorite Peanuts episode? I know I’m not alone. At least my son is right along with me.
Check these out! It’s Linus with his Great Pumpkin and what you don’t see in this picture is the mini cobweb on the back of the sneaker and a comic that lines the sole. So, we were really excited when our friends at New Balance released these sneakers just in time for Halloween and sent us a pair.
But New Balance Kids also released two other fun Peanuts designs. I LOVE the chocolate and pink Snoopy & Woodstock sneaker.
The Peanuts sneakers are available in infant, pre-schooler and grade-school sizes. If you like, I recommend acting fast. Last year’s New Balance Sesame Street sneaker line sold out quickly.


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One Response to “Peanuts’ ‘Great Pumpkin’ Sneakers are Perfect for the Autumn”

  1. elgeorgia Oct 27 at 4:02 pm Reply Reply

    Oh My! Those are so adorable! My little one would love them!!

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