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St. Lucia Day brings Polarn O. Pyret Cheer to us all

By Isabel Kallman

Still looking for kids’ clothes for the holidays? Let us introduce you to the very stylish collection from Polarn O. Pyret, a Swedish leading kids’ clothier.

P.O.pyret_winter_jacket.pngAs part of an advertising campaign on this site, I want to introduce you to Polarn O. Pyret. Have you heard of them? They’re a leading high quality Swedish kids’ clothing company, kind of like our Gap Kids here in the US. Except PO.P uses a lot more stripes in their clothes, making them even cuter this time of year. Also, they’re just breaking onto the US clothing scene.
I love their clothing and amongst other things bought a winter jacket for my son a couple of months ago (with my own money at a trunk show at a friend’s place) to use as his winter coat. He’s allergic to feathers, so now down for us. So, it’s fleece and top insulation for us instead. I figured if this is good enough for Swedish winters, then it should be just fine during the height of winter in NYC.
What I love most about this boy’s winter jacket is that it’s waterproof, has velcro tabs along the front (no need to zip up for quick jaunts in and out of the car), and has thumb holes in wrist cuff keeping the cold from riding up the puffy arm sleeves (and just like my fave Lulu Lemon workout jacket).
Here are some of my other fave items from their collection:

(they sell more than just red, white, and blue colored clothes– I just have a weakness for it)

And lucky for us all, through Saturday, December 12 they are running a 35% off sale. But wait, there’s more. Beginning the evening of December 12, which is the night before Sweden’s big St. Lucia holiday, Polarn O. Pyret begins a 12-Day Advent countdown to Christmas. Every day one item will be on sale at 40% off in their online shop.


Isabel Kallman
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Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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