Recording those School Years with Hillaway



Ah, we’re hitting the final stretch of the academic school year and looky here at what we found.


These gorgeous photo/ memory books are by Hillaway. You can buy them separately or in a series (K through 5).

On the outside the photo books are deceivingly fancy with their gold foil title on a satin spine, library-construction and quality, and linen covers.

The inside is replete with the old-fashioned easy-to-use photo pockets, ensuring that you will actually use this book (no missing photo corners!).

From kindergarten through fifth grade, each book is organized with age-appropriate questions and illustrations, so the books grow with your child. Each book contains 28 unique pages that hold twenty (20) 4″ x 6″ photos and all books include 5 pages for foot and hand prints, drawings, stories and more memories.

When all is done, you have a lovely set of keepsake books that will not only be complete but will want to display.

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2 Responses to “Recording those School Years with Hillaway”

  1. Tony Jun 22 at 10:42 am Reply Reply

    Yeah. They are pretty cool. It makes something personal that the kids can help with, without all the time and equipment needed for scrap booking. I love em.

  2. Patti Nov 08 at 3:07 pm Reply Reply

    Look for a book  for my grandchild set miss two
    Just want to know if  I could git some help with this 
    It would mean a lot to me thanks   

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