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Picture%20853.pngWe have given out a Nice Guy Award in awhile and so it gives us great pleasure to congratulate Kmart for its newly launched program, Kmart Smart Assist. Right now, the pilot program is only available in its Michigan stores, but perhaps that will spread?
With a goal to help the unemployed labor force of Michigan, Kmart is offering a reusable Smart Assist card that gives unemployed folks a 20% discount for six months. The discount is only good for 1,200 Kmart private-label items, but the goods range in household staples from food to vitamins, to health and beauty items.
Ata boy, Kmart.


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One Response to “Nice Guy Award: Kmart”

  1. Jen Ambrose Jul 09 at 1:27 pm Reply Reply

    That is the best news I have heard in awhile. Just….awesome.

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