Child Style: City Boy’s Autumn Weather Wear



We’re starting a new feature recommending outfits for kids. I love looking at the inspiration boards put together by fashion bloggers and making them myself on occasion when coordinating a wardrobe for my son. I don’t have a daughter and am especially excited to live vicariously through this feature.

For this look, I was inspired my son who is a Lego-lovin’, skateboard-ridin’, iPod-listenin’ eight-year old city boy, thus the title.


Autumn City Boy

Clockwise from the center:

1: Striped Long-Sleeved Tee by crewcuts (I love the slim fit of crewcuts tees)
2: Puffy Vest by Appaman (another option at Lands’ End)
3: Orange sneaker laces by crewcuts
4: Kids’ Converse sneakers in flannel at crewcuts (more Converse options at Zappos)
5: Boys Straight Leg Jeans by Appaman (less expensive options: Gap & Old Navy)
6: Lego Empire State Building at Amazon
7: Lego Seattle Space Needle at Amazon
8: Skullcandy headphones
9: DJ Cap by Appaman (my son is loving skull caps right now)

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One Response to “Child Style: City Boy’s Autumn Weather Wear”

  1. Pange Nov 16 at 4:35 am Reply Reply

    love this feature — i have a little girl and i have no idea how to dress her!

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