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What’s the first hurdle keeping you from dedicating a day in your life to community service? Is it finding the time? Is it knowing where to go?
Well, WE TV’s WE Volunteer Program is there to lend a helping hand.
The program helps women across the country achieve their goal of giving 24 hours to the community service project of their choice by doing a lot of the legwork for you. See, they match you with programs where you don;t have to give 24 hours straight in a row. Their idea is to help you give a few hours when possible to total 24, to help you see what a difference a day of service makes to your community, and to give busy women a way to incorporate giving back less overwhelming.
Volunteers plug in their zip codes and to find project near them, or even volunteer their time online. Look at a screenshot of the opportunities 5 miles within my zipecode. There are 955 of them. Wow!


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