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Did you notice that this winter season it seems like every week or so another child in your world was suffering from an ear infection? Yeah, us too. Poor babies.
Luckily for us it didn’t strike my house. However, I did have handy Hyland’s Earache Drops for rapid relief of the painful onset of earaches. You know, just in case it hit us in the middle of the night.
We asked some mamas to keep Hyland’s Earache Drops on hand to use and review when (and if) they needed it. Many moms are familiar and love the Hyland’s Homeopathic brand, having used their teething tablets with great success. They were open to trying this all-natural and pediatrician-approved earache reliever.
Here’s what they had to say.

Linsey of Lille Punkin’ Reviews:
Since we live miles away from a doctor, I like to give me kids a natural treatment FIRST — before taking them in for an often unnecessary antibiotic prescription. The Hyland’s Earache Tablets are tiny, easy to take, and dissolve instantly. They are natural, won’t interact with other medications, and won’t cause nasty side effects (like drowsiness, hyperactivity, or stomach aches.)
In both of the cases where I used Hyland’s at the first sign of an earache, my children were feeling much better within the first day (and I didn’t need to take them into the doctor.)

SusieJ/Reviews writes:
My favorite pediatrician, the nationally acclaimed Dr. Sears (who wrote the “Manual on Babies and Toddlers”) says that Hyland’s Earache Drops are clinically proven to reduce earache symptoms in the first 48 hours of the symptoms.
My son, who was just recovering from a two-week persistent cough, complained about an earache, of course at 11 p.m. I put four drops of Hyland’s Earache Drops in his ear. The next morning, the pain was gone, but his ear felt “clogged.” I called his pediatrician, and told her I had given him the Hyland’s Ear Ache Drops, which she said was the best thing I could have done. For the “water” in his ear, she suggested that he take a children’s decongestant. I waited a day, and soon, the ear cleared up without the decongestant.

Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored writes:
I’m all for trying to avoid antibiotics unless they’re absolutely necessary.
I applied [the ear drops], [and] I did see a complete difference in her demeanor, which I totally attribute to Hyland’s earache drops and lollipops. But mostly to the drops. I think.
In my research, I found that over 80% of earaches will heal on their own within 4-7 days. And antibiotics don’t work well for middle ear effusion (which is probably what she has – no infection, just fluid). So a product like Hyland’s can do wonders for helping your kids make it through what could have been a long hard week of your kid being hopped up on Motrin and Tylenol. Don’t get me wrong. I use them too. But a natural option is always my first choice.

Earache Infection Relief

The Green Parent writes:
I was able to try out, and can now whole-heartedly endorse, a new remedy for my daughters’ earaches…Hyland’s Earache Drops. I’ve been a fan of Hyland’s homeopathic remedies for years, starting with their teething pills when my eldest was a baby and more recently with their motion sickness tablets (let’s just say I’m a fair weather sailor and leave it at that.)
I was so impressed with how quickly and effectively their earache drops worked. And the fact that they are homeopathic, and don’t contain any harsh chemicals is a big plus for me.

Alyson at Three P’s in a Pod:
I am not a true granola, crunchy mama. I love our Pediatrician and follow his guidance 98% of the time without issue. He is very conservative though and has trained me to hold off on the antibiotics whenever possible and he is more than happy to have me use homeopathic treatments such as earache drops. I just make sure I always tell him so that he can be aware and monitor any drug interaction between them. In my opinion, that is the safe thing to do.:)

Amy at Cheeky Monkey Play
So I am the mom who never gave my kids any teething medicine and really never gives out Tylenol without a high fever. I like to keep it pretty natural and not give put OTC, but I realized that every time my kids have had earaches and go to the doctor they get antibiotics. Every single time.
I used the drops on the whole family and although I did take my son to the doctor that week he did not have to go on antibiotics! ( a first!!!!)

Yay for Hyland’s! Moms really love you.


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