Make Morning and Bedtime Routines Easier with a Chart (Free Printable)



As I’m wanting to foster independence in my daughter, mornings and bedtimes run smoother if I can give fewer reminders.

We’ve used a routine chart since my daughter turned four, and a year later, she still LOVES it. As she said, “It helps me keep track of everything in my day so you don’t need to tell me.”

I love it for that very reason, too.

There are several on the market that you can buy, but we’ve found success with a printable chart that is as simple as possible and gives the satisfaction of checking things off the list.

We don’t put everything on the list because I don’t want to make it complicated, but she can see what she needs to do next.

I’m sharing the chart that we use and a blank version so you can create your own.

Routine Chart Printable
Blank Routine Chart Printable

Do you use a routine chart for your kids too?

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9 Responses to “Make Morning and Bedtime Routines Easier with a Chart (Free Printable)”

  1. Jadzia@Toddlerisms Apr 03 at 2:00 pm Reply Reply

    I like this!  The big wooden charts with magnets never worked very well for me.  My only challenge is a kid who knows how to get dressed, but will stand half-naked in his room staring at who-knows-what for 15 minutes-plus in the morning if I don’t hover and MAKE him change.  Aargh.

  2. Steph Apr 04 at 7:49 am Reply Reply

    My daughter’s still a little too young for this but I love the idea of fostering independence by not having to tell her each step. Great idea I hope to use in the future.

  3. I love this idea. What age do you think this would be good to start with? I have an almost 3 yr. old who I am thinking of trying it with.

    • Rachel Meeks Apr 05 at 2:21 am Reply Reply

      I think it would depend on the kid. We started ous at age 4 and she felt like she was taking on added responsibility so it was very positive.

  4. mumspeak Apr 04 at 7:49 pm Reply Reply

    We have used our wipeable charts with funky graphics for the kids since they were about 4. I like the fact that they are wipeable because then I don’t have to print them out each week. We just wipe the tickboxes clean and start again. It’s great.

  5. Karen Apr 06 at 2:29 am Reply Reply

    Doh! I was just going to ask how young I can start this, my daughter is 2.5 so maybe too young but I will print a copy anyways. 

  6. David Apr 09 at 8:59 pm Reply Reply

    I’d love to see the quirky kid who associates not marking the board with getting a free day off from school. That’d make for some fun morning conversation.

  7. Bonne Maman Jan 11 at 4:16 am Reply Reply

    Brilliant! This is just what we need in our house…. hopefully it will get us ORGANISED!!! 😀 Thanks for the great idea.


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