How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier



By Torrie of I Pretty Much Hate Everything

1. Exercise your control- while you still have it.

If you only feed your baby healthy food, they won’t know that junk exist- well, at least until they start school and see what the other kids are eating. A good rule of thumb for food- if it is packaged for children, you should probably keep it away from your kids. Ironic.

2. Sneak it in.

Whenever you make a grain- rice, cous cous, quinoa, etc. cook it in vegetable broth instead of water. Make homemade tomato sauce with onion, garlic, spinach and carrots in it- then puree it- they’ll never know the difference. Whenever using ricotta cheese substitute half of it with crumbled firm tofu. Experiment. You’d be surprised what you can hide in their food.

3. Lead by example.

My husband and I try to only eat healthy things in front of our daughter. It’s very hard to convince your kids to eat their broccoli when you are stuffing your face with pizza, chips, and soda. If I really feel like indulging, I do it when I’m not around my kid.

4. Be prepared.

Make sure that you always have your kitchen stocked with healthy foods. When you go out- whether it’s to run errands, or to visit friends- make sure that you bring healthy snacks with you. Otherwise, you might end up feeding your hungry child whatever you can get your hands on.
5. Be persistent, but don’t pressure.
If your child refuses to eat a certain food, don’t force it, but don’t give up. I will put small pieces of food that my daughter has rejected before on her high chair tray. Sometimes I’ll offer her the same food 5-10 times before she will eat it, but I keep offering it to her. Kids will go through phases with food. They might love something, then not eat it for six months, then love it again. That’s why you have to keep offering them healthy choices- even if they reject them at first.
Torrie of is certified in nutrition, used to be a pastry chef, and was a nanny for several years. She is currently a photographer ( and a stay at home mom. Her daughter Willa, is 15 months old.


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