Vampire is Her New Prince Charming



The Twilight Trailer is steaming up the PG-13 Tween Girl World!
From a girl who calls herself TeamJonasLover – she’s still loving the Jonas Bros, but Edward is taking over…
“Hey! Anyone see the new Twilight trailer!? Go watch it, if you haven’t it! Then, read the rest of this blog!…OH MY GOSH. The trailer is so good! I can’t wait to see the movie! Gahhh! The trailer is amazing! I don’t know what to say. I was getting so mad, when it wouldn’t load. haha. I was getting angry. 😛 But, it was worth it(: Ahhhh! I want to see the movie now! Tomorrow I would so wear my Twilight shirt, if I hadn’t just worn it Wednesday. Boo. haha. I want to watch the trailer again! But, my brother is watching TV. So…yeah. Let me say how good the trailer is though. Oh my fllipin Edward Cullen. This movie is going to make world history, I’m telling you. Edward Cullen+Bella Swan+Paramoere+other awesome songs on soundtrack= awesomest movie of movies! Even beating Camp Rock. And, that’s a lot coming from me! haha. Gahhh. Edward. Edward. Edward. Edward. Edward. Edward. Edward. Who wants to reply and not make me feel like I’m the only one who thought that was the best trailer in the history of trailers?”
Here are a few of the replies:

  • “Holy Edward! It was awesome!! I was like OME!! I can’t wait I’m gonna go see it with a bunch of friends!”
  • “AHH…i saw it and I CAN NOT WAIT!! omg! edward and bella…HOT! lol. I LOVE EDWARD!! i soo want to watch this movie. it has to be THE MOVIE of the year”
  • “Harry Potter will always be on top. No matter what. But I did see the trailer and thought it looked kind of cool =)”
  • “theres one thing everybody should know. harry potter is going to be thrown in a toilet and flushed away.”
  • “i watched bella and edward were sooooooo hot in it it steamed up my glasses lol love it!!!!!!!”
  • Coming to a theater near you on November 21, 2008.

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    One Response to “Vampire is Her New Prince Charming”

    1. Izzy Oct 15 at 12:21 am Reply

      lol…I recently lamented over how arrested my development must actually be to have been, as a mom, so totally taken with the fictional characters of Twilight and a young adult fictional series.
      Rest assured, I WILL be in that theater on 11-18 with a frillion tween and teens rooting for Edward.
      Go Edward! OMG! He’s the perfect male! OMG!
      (that was NOT sarcasm, BTW. This mom is totally Team Edward :)

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