She’s a Popshake!




Think your tween daughter speaks a different language? Maybe she really does. At AllyKatzz, the girls are creating their OWN dictionary. Words they make up. Words they use. So if you hear your daughter say, “I’m a popshake!” now you’ll know what it means!
Popshake. The totally awesome, popular, fun, dances-to-her-own-beat girl.
Example: I’m a popshake!

Warning: Do not use these words at home with your daughter… these are HER words. If you use them, it will confirm that you are Kazzootly (totally crazy)!
Gloozy. Something really cute, awesome, beautiful.
Example: That dress is sooo gloozy!
Nit. Wierdo.
Example: He’s cute, but he’s a nit.
Gleebow. Something that you find interesting.
Example: That story was so gleebow.
Studtastic and Hunkalicious. Totally hot, cute or a stud.
Example: He is studtastic. That boy is hunkalicious!

Gosh and darnit,
Example: Oh garnet, I stubbed my toe!
Sketch. A creep.
Sketchy. Creepy, suspicious.
Tool. Male person who is full of himself.


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