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Would AllyKatzz girls ages 10-15 rather go to dinner with DAD or FRIENDS?
67% pick friends. What’s really important is what they said:

  • “I love my dad but friends r the way 2 go”
  • “It’s a little harsh to spend a day with your friends than with your dad, but it SO much funner!”
  • “Friends. My dad and I would have nothing to do. We just go shopping if he needs to, go to the animal sheter, and swim. A picnic!”
  • “i would rether have a day with my dad because you will always have friends but you will not always have a dad “
  • “i nvr see my dad and i always miss him so i would love to spend a day with that!”
  • “:((( I wish i could have a day with dad “
  • “dad is everything to us….any1 who did’nt lyk ur dad…try 2 get close with them… will be the best thing u ever made “
  • “i would like to do both because i never get to spend time with my dad and we have a really hard time bonding but i want to spend time with my friends because i have the same problem with them i cant bond or anything so both kinda”
  • “i would go with my daddy, but if my daddy does not want to do that, then i would go to dinner with my friends” How sad is that?
  • BIG messages are:
    1. Girls love dad, but friends are more fun.
    2. For girls who have busy dads, they’ll give up fun with friends to spend time with dad.
    3. They want dad’s time, love and positive attention… and they want to do fun things vs. boring older guy things. Doesn’t mean you have to go to the mall (although they would love that!), but ask them what they want to do versus doing what you think they want to do. Like everything with the girls, it’s all about communicating with them… they want to be heard.


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