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Remember back to when you were a 12 year-old-girl… did you forge your parent’s signature? I can’t remember – so that means I probably did and have conveniently forgotten. Love when that happens. We asked tween girls if they ever forge a parent’s signature. Good news: 66% said NO. But what about the other 34% – what makes them pick up the pen and sign away? Following are their stories – any sound familiar?

  • “i did cause my mom said to cause she was 2 busy 2 do it her self.” (Note from Denise: This is really bad and sad – her mom is too busy to sign her name?)
  • “yes i have alot cuz im really 4getful n at my old skool u had 2 get every test signed n i would always 4get so i would forge a signature “
  • “one time i got a dentition and forged my dad’s handwriting “
  • “I admit, I did tat once in 6th grade. I had this horrible gym teacher, and I always forget stuff like that, so she said that if I didn’t bring it in the next morning, I’d have to run 2 miles around the gym. Yeah. So, like me, I forgot. I was completely freaking out (I can’t run for very long, I have trouble breathing and one time I passed out, but the teacher wouldn’t listen.) and my mom wouldn’t answer her phone, so my friend and I went down to the bathrooms and I copied my mom’s signature perfectly. the teacher didn’t suspect a thing. I know it was wrong… but I’m never going to do that again! I was so scared I’d get caught ALL throughout gym. That was like the worst feeling ever.”
  • “Oh my god yes! Too many times! Lol, I know it’s not exactly a laughing matter, but it is kinda funny! I even got to go see a concert by this one band. It was fun, but I did feel really guilty afterwards. =(“
  • “only once!!! and it was becuz i had to have it done and i didnt get a chance to ask my mom that day thats the only reason!! only once and id never do it agian! “

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