Crush Encounters: How to handle a chance meeting of your tween girl’s crush.



The tables have turned.
AllyKatzz tween girls are giving us moms tips… in FIVE easy steps.
We asked the girls: You and your mom are at the mall and you run into your CRUSH. What should mom do?
1. Moms, get your marching orders before hitting the mall.
“Before you go to the mall, you should tell your mom this: Mom, if I ever happen to run into a “certain boy” somewhere, this is what you need to do: Hey (your name) I’m gonna go over to that store, see? Call me if you need anything. Bye.from My_Simple_Song
2. If you forget to get instructions, DISAPPEAR BEFORE YOU’RE DITCHED!
“Moms should act like they don’t know us if we see our crushes, unless they don’t know [that he is our crush]…then we just have to slowly ditch the moms for a while…lol” from moeykat
3. Hold thy tongue.
“Don’t ask something stranges [sic] like “So do you like each other?” cause that will just put everyone in an awkward position. Extra Points: Also do not say something like “well you two will have to get together soon”.” from JuicyCouture
4. Play it cool.
“I wouldn’t want her to run away, that’s just too obvious. So, maybe she could just you know stay cool, calm and collected. Not nudge me, or try and make a scene. lol. Maybe if he was coming over, and I started coming towards him too… She could just casually say ‘I’ll be over here’ and let me chat with him for a while.” from Adelade
5. Please, please, please do not Engage.
“She should say hi (just HI nothing more) and then casually walk away like ‘im gonna go look at something over here’…she shouldn’t actually engage in any form of conversation whatsoever” from converse_luv_4ever


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