Child Style: You Won’t Shoot An Eye Out



At my home we enjoy friendly and safe Nerf battles.  I resisted for quite a while.  At first Nerf bullets could only be shot at the window, but now my husband and I pick them up and we have fun with our son. We have rules, the most important of which is to protect ourselves and each other.  That is when I discovered that my kitchen onion goggles do great double duty as protective eye gear.

Action Boy

Clockwise from center:
1: Hockey Jersey at Appaman
2: Nerf  N-Strike at Amazon
3: Brown boots at Palladium
4: Boys’ Corduroy Pants at Lands’ End
5: Belt at Crewcuts
6: Down-filled vest in orange at Abercrombie Kids
7: Onion goggles at Amazon

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2 Responses to “Child Style: You Won’t Shoot An Eye Out”

  1. Kathy Sykes Jan 18 at 7:58 am Reply Reply

    Love this post. I am starting a Stylish Boy Fashion series on my blog because the looks for boys need to be upgraded. Please look for it and link up!

  2. Kathy Sykes Jan 20 at 9:36 am Reply Reply

    Here is the link to my Stylish Boy Series if anyone wants to participate next week.

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