Child Style: Girls’ Sleepover!



I still remember my first sleepover. The anticipation, the planning, the packing. I think that whole process of getting prepped was just as important to me as the sleepover itself.

My son has yet to do his first sleepover. One thing we’re thinking about is the “half sleep-over” where the child stays *right* until bedtime and then comes home to sleep. That sounds like a nice intermediate step.

These are some things I would have packed for my first sleepover. Clearly, all your child really needs are her PJs, a toothbrush and pillow, but it’s fun to dream.

Girl's Sleepover

Clockwise from center:
1: Long johns from Hanna Andersson (also available in many other color combos)
2: Friendship bracelet kit at Amazon
3: Sleeping bag available at Amazon
4: Ugg moccasins available at Amazon
5: Owl rolling luggage available Amazon
6: Owl nightlight available at Land of Nod

Here’s more on sleepovers: How To Handle Your Child’s First Sleepover & How to Host Your Child’s First Sleepover.

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