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We’re so pleased we can award our Nice Guy Award to Huggies for their Every Little Bottom efforts. Huggies is donating a diaper every time one is purchased, up to 22 million in total. WOW. As of this writing they have already donated 2.5 million.

Huggies are also encouraging others to do the same by hosting diaper drives at offices and in conjunction with baby showers. Currently one in three Americans struggle financially to diaper their babies. Even though it’s been years since I diapered my own son, I never got over the sticker shock of those diaper purchases.

So, if you’re in the process of throwing a baby shower for a friend, think about organizing a concurrent diaper drive. Huggies lists where you can find diaper banks, but you can also donate diapers to Feeding America branches which may have more and convenient locations for you.

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  1. Julie Oct 09 at 2:16 pm Reply Reply

    I’m one of those 1 in 3. Hence why I plan to cloth diaper with my second one on the way in a few weeks. Makes much more sense.

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