Because There is Nothing More Important Than Shoes, Except Maybe Dogs. Or Babies.



Long time lurker here. Just popping in to see if that picture in the banner for the Smackdown, is really your toes. Because they’re great toes. And great floors too. So if it really is you, in your own home… what kind of flooring is that? Did you install it yourself?
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11 Responses to “Because There is Nothing More Important Than Shoes, Except Maybe Dogs. Or Babies.”

  1. PaintingChef May 24 at 9:46 am Reply Reply

    May I add an eyebrow grooming suggestion? If you happen to have an engineer and/or perfectionist husband/boyfriend, offer him “favors” in return for a little tweezer action. Sometimes, if you’re really fast, you can even get in a few plucks at the insane monobrow men seem to grow.
    My husband will kill me for sharing that.

  2. Z May 24 at 10:42 am Reply Reply

    I had never heard of or the “yelp and shun” method until today. Thank you. Seriously. THANK YOU.

  3. foodmomiac May 24 at 10:59 am Reply Reply

    Our spoiled weimaraner was three when our daughter was born. We found that the book “Childproofing your Dog” was very helpful. It is also very short, which I liked. And very cheap, which is also good.

  4. E. May 24 at 11:35 am Reply Reply

    Now that Zappos has been thoroughly introduced, these shoes would be great with the dress. I mean, yeah, they’re a little pricey, but that’s why I can only suggest you buy them, not get them for myself..

  5. mdvelazquez May 24 at 12:11 pm Reply Reply

    I have the same problem as Heather except I wear size 5 (am really 4.5, but who can find shoes that size?), so I’m very sympathetic.
    Here are a few other recommendations.

  6. Heather Barmore May 24 at 12:52 pm Reply Reply

    I have the same problem with finding shoes that fit my size 11 feet. I’ve resorted to Nordstrom, Stuart Weitzman, DSW, and Zappos, I will also buy any shoe that I find that fits, no matter how expensive because I end up being so damn grateful to the designer for going above a size 10.

  7. Sara May 24 at 12:55 pm Reply Reply

    I’ve found some cute, low shoes on Zappos in the Camper and Fluvog sections. Those might be nice…

  8. heels May 24 at 2:16 pm Reply Reply

    On the subject of eyebrows, I follow the advice of the late, (I think) great Kevyn Aucoin (and here I paraphrase): Pluck, don’t wax- waxers make mistakes where plucking is a single, well chosen hair at a time. Pluck only from the bottom, unless you have major outliers at the top- it will look more natural. Brush hairs up before plucking so that you can really see where they’re coming from. Pull hair away from brow before plucking to make sure that you won’t create an unintentional hole by taking it away. Fill-in with pencil if you have holes (sounds dirty tht way…). Use clear mascara for a really groomed look and to keep flyaways in place.
    Those are some of the main points and I swear by them. Them and REALLY good tweezers (they make a HUGE difference!)

  9. Muirnait May 24 at 7:41 pm Reply Reply

    I kinda maybe forgot to mention that I’m in Canada, and Zappo’s won’t ship to me? (Because they suck a little tiny bit. But only a little!) I’ll see if I can get around that somehow…and I will check out some of the WAS readers’ suggestions though, and thanks so much for answering my questions and the other tips for making my feet look smaller!

  10. honestyrain May 29 at 12:27 pm Reply Reply

    HOW can you buy shoes online? HOW? i must try shoes on because in some i need a 7 and other a 7.5 and others still a 6 or an 8 or or or! sometimes size isn’t even the issue. sometimes a shoe just doesn’t fit me right or looks terrible on my foot. HOW can you buy shoes online? i do not understand! help!

  11. Amalah
    Amy Corbett Storch May 29 at 6:13 pm Reply Reply

    Because Zappos has the world’s best return policy! FREE RETURN SHIPPING! They even send you the handy label to slap back on the box! I routinely order several pairs of similar shoes and then return all but my favorite pair.
    And as for the sizes, Zappos has buyer feedback that tells you whether the shoe runs big, small or true to size.
    I am telling you: Do not fear the Zappos. The Zappos is love.

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