Nourishing inspiration (Best Food Blogs)


I’ve been reading food blogs for about a year now and I’m always left with the impression that it’s quite possible I could be enjoying food more than I am now. Specifically buying the ingredients and putting together the food I feed my family with. I’ve been sick for a couple of days now and […]


Because EW


Dearest Amalah, < grabs Amalah by the shoulders and starts vigorously shaking her while screaming "YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!" > < regains composure, apologizes profusely, explains that while mental instability runs in the family...I am not crazy, offers to pay to replace Amalah's highly-fashionable shirt, and then gets to the point > I hate […]


Because You Can Take My Curel Out of My Cold, Dead Hands


Dear Amalah, OK, this is driving me crazy, and I figure if anyone can find out this answer you can. I used to just use whatever makeup and moisturizers worked well for me. But, then, about two years ago, I started hearing about how bad mineral oil and petroleum-based products were for my skin. Now, […]


Because We Heart Makeovers


Dearest Amalah, I’m getting married in exactly 3 weeks. I’m sorry, let me rephrase. I’m getting married in EXACTLY.3.WEEKS! All the details have been ironed out as I sit here and twiddle my thumbs waiting for the day to just get here already. I’m getting married in my mothers home town and therefore will be […]


Because It’s High Time For a Manifesto


(Not exactly a Q&A today, but…eh. Is my column and I feel like yakking about myself instead.) I had a dream last night where a woman stopped me on the street and started shrieking and pointing and telling me that I needed to shave my legs. (I should point out that I was, in fact, […]

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