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Johnny Depp has come a long way from his 21 Jump Street days, when teens around the world scotch taped his Tiger Beat posters to the inside of their school lockers. Perhaps it’s because Johnny’s now all grown up and a parent too, but these days, he’s certainly starring in his fair share of kid-friendly fare.

The latest must-see Depp flick is RANGO, an animated comedy-adventure from the director of Pirates of the Caribbean, arriving in theaters March 4th.

Johnny Depp stars as Rango, a chameleon and family pet whose identity crisis leads him out of the family terrarium and into a swashbuckling adventure in a bandit-plagued Wild West town. Along the way he meets a scrappy cast of feathered, scaled, and furred critters including Abigail Breslin as Priscilla, a pig-tailed cactus mouse, and Isla Fisher as Beans, a fetching desert iguana (and Rango’s apparent love interest).

Parents who couldn’t get enough of True Grit will dig the opportunity to dive back into some old-timey western ambiance, and your kids will delight in the kooky antics Depp gets up to in the wily desert town of Dirt. And of course, the story ends with a heartfelt twist that should keep your family reveling in the warm and fuzzy feelings well through dinner.

When you get home, might as well dig the old Johnny posters out of the vault, dust them off, and pass them on to the next generation of little Depp fans.

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