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At my house, we’re HUGE Lego fans.  To the point that if Lego doesn’t make mini figures that we covet, we find an artist to make us some.  (We have KISS and Michael Jackson mini figures. Huzzah!).

Needless to say we jumped for joy when Lego released its first Lego Games collection. Even though my husband and I have always been avid game and card players, it has been hard to inspire our son to take an interest in board games since he would much rather build with Legos blocks.

Luckily, Lego sent me its new Monster 4 game upon release, and my 7-year old son adores it.  It worked out perfectly; while he assembled the Lego game board I read up on the game instructions.  What I especially love is that you can change the rules of the game if you want to mix things up, which doesn’t surprise me since versatility is a core benefit of Lego in general. It makes sense that they would want to promote that somehow in their board games.

From the Lego Games collection I’ve also played Minotaurus (a maze and capture game) and Creationary (which is like Pictionary but with Legos). However, the next one I’m buying for my son is Pirate Code which looks like a version of the game classic Mastermind.

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  1. jennifer dedonato May 23 at 5:54 am Reply Reply

    Oh, I totally have to get his game. My 9 year old is going to totally freak out with happiness. Thanks for the heads up…I didn’t even know about it. YAY

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